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Free Writing Workshop Grades 6 – 12 on Wednesday

June 14, 2010

Free Writing Workshop Grade 6 – 12

Make Great Writing Better!     

What: Writers Workshop

Sand, Sea and Suspense! 

An Interactive Writing Afternoon

Who:   Grades 6 – 12

When: Wednesday, June 16, 2010                                       

 Cost:  FREE!              3:00 – 5:00  p.m.                                                   

   Where:  Clayton Public Library       

   6125 Clayton Rd, Clayton  


                        Mystery! Suspense! Intrigue! 

            A fun treasure hunt and a mystery boat.  Who did it?  Did what? Why?  Discover how mystery, suspense and intrigue will make your good story better.

Two professional authors who love writing lead this interactive workshop. Bring your questions about the publishing world, write, meet other writers, “talk books,”go on an adventure and be inspired to write and publish your own works of prose.  For student writers who want to make their good writing even better.  Take your writing to the next level!

Led by children’s authors Sarah Wilson and Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff

Visit them at  and 

Bring pen and paper and get ready to WRITE!

Secret Writing Tips from Published Authors Workshop

July 22, 2009

Writing Workshop for kids ages 12 – 18 FREE!
Secret Writing Tips from Published Authors Workshop
Wednesday, July 29 3 – 5 p.m.
Clayton Library.
6125 Clayton Rd, 925-673-0659

“How to make a good story better. Create suspenseful stories with fabulous characters in settings that make your readers feel like they’re really there.” Discover writing secrets from two professional children’s authors who love writing. You’ll get a chance to ask questions about the publishing world, write, meet other writers, “talk books,” and be inspired to write and publish your own works of prose. Seating is limited.

If you would like to join the members of this workshop, send an email to

Items for you to bring:
1. Lined paper to take notes and write.
2. A clipboard or sturdy notebook.
3. Pens and/or pencils – whichever you like to use.
4. Your questions about writing. (Or if you don’t have any, you may during the course of the class.)
5. Although we won’t have time to share a complete story with the group, you might want to bring a story you’re working on, because you may come up with ideas on how to improve it during the course of the discussion.

We look forward to seeing you on July 29 at 3 pm – 5 pm. Please be prompt.
Thank you!
Sarah and Liz

NEW Workshop!

May 8, 2009

Is this the same workshop that took place in Walnut Creek earlier in February or is this different? Fatima

Thanks for asking this, Fatima. This is a completely different workshop. We are going to focus on different aspects of writing fiction. We hope to have some “old” faces and some new ones too! You can help us by spreading the news to your friends and teachers. Thanks! Liz