Great Writing Books

Great Writing Books for Kids

Bauer, Mary Dane What’s Your Story?

Dunn, Jessica & Dunn, Danielle A Teen’s Guide to Getting Published

Levine, Gail Carson Writing Magic

Tucker, Shelley Writing Poetry

Great Writing Books for Adults (and some kids too!)

Bauer, Mary Dane    What’s Your Story?

Bernays, Anne What If?

Joselow, Beth Baruch    Writing Without the Muse

Koehler-Pentacoff, E.    The ABCs of Writing for Children

Mette, Stephen Blake How to Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal

Newman, Leslea    Writing from the Heart

Rodale, J. I.    The Synonym Finder

Smith, Michael C. and Greenberg, Suzann Everyday Creative Writing: Panning for Gold in the Kitchen Sink

Spence, Linda    Legacy

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