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Ages 12 – 18 Free Writing Workshop

April 27, 2011

                             What: Writers Workshop An Interactive Writing Afternoon

Who: Ages 12 – 18                                 

When: July 27, 2011  3:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Cost: FREE!

Where: Clayton Public Library

6125 Clayton Rd



Create quirky characters through drama games, humor, action, dialogue and suspense techniques which will help build an award-winning story!

Two professional children’s authors who love writing share their best secrets on writing! You’ll get a chance to ask questions about the publishing world, write, play some games, meet other writers, and “talk books.”

 Led by children’s authors Sarah Wilson and Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff.  

Visit them at  and

 Bring pen and paper and get ready to WRITE!

California Writers Club Young Writers Contest Winners

April 14, 2011


6th Grade Short Story

1st   Lauren Hui    “The Many Names of Shakura”   Gale Ranch   Teacher:  Sara Faidley

2nd   Molli Fagan  “The Link Between Us”   Queen of All Saints  Teacher:  Katie Perata

3rd  Lucy Murov  “Nola”      Pleasant Hill Middle   Teacher:  Lynn Buckingham 

7th Grade Short Story

1st  Lauren Furman  “The Girl in the Wind”  Stone Valley  Teacher:  Eric Rasche

2nd  Pooja Kini  “Invisibility is not a Super Power”  Gale Ranch  Teacher: Marcy Batza

3rd  Sarah Joo  “Chasing the Wrong Dream”  Diablo Vista  Teacher:  Mark Rathjen

8th Grade Short Story

1st  Piper Mik  “Through the Eyes”  Dorris-Eaton   Teacher:  Brad Breilein

2nd  Shannon Donley  “Escaping Society”  Pine Hollow   Teacher:  Ann Ellgaard

3rd  Brian Yu  “Eleven Years of Memories”  Los Cerros   Teacher:  Nancy Kaplan

6th Grade Poetry

1st  Jack Lamb  “Code Words”  Dorris-Eaton  Teacher:  Mary Dickens

2nd  Elizabeth Juranek    “The Battle of Day and Night”  Dallas Ranch  Teacher:  Kevin Landski

3rd  Christina Albrezzi  “In My Dreams”  Pleasant Hill Middle  Teacher: Nancy Alexander

7th Grade Poetry

1st  Michael Shi  “Lost in the Moment”  Windemere Ranch  Teacher:  Kim Vaiana

2nd  Danielle Siao  “I’m Sorry”  Black Diamond   Teacher:  Pamela Bartlett

3rd  Noah Jacobs  “My Grandparents’ Basement”  Contra Costa Jewish Day School

Teacher:  Erin Bloom

8th Grade Poetry

1st  Rocko Bauman  “JeJune Afternoon”  Prospect Sierra  Teacher:  Rinat Manhoff

2nd  Eric Sirott  “The Realm of the Assassin”  Dorris-Eaton  Teacher:  Brad Breilein

3rd  Michelle Liang  “A Forgotten King”  Foothill   Teacher:  Marilyn Hoffacker

6th Grade Personal Narrative/Essay

1st  Lauren Hui  “One Step Out”  Gale Ranch  Teacher:  Sara Faidley

2nd  Christian Schillinger  “Relevation”  Orinda  Teacher:  Bronwen Horton

3rd  Parinitha Mulaveesala  “Math and Music”  Dallas Ranch  Teacher:  Kevin Landski

7th Grade Personal Narrative/Essay

1st Ryan Chan  “Music from the Heart”  Windemere Ranch   Teacher:  Janet Sanderson

2nd  Connor Sinclair  “Big Mac”   Stone Valley    Teacher:  Eric Rasch

3rd  Samira Maboudian  “A Narrow Escape”   Orinda   Teacher:  Suzy Kisch

8th Grade Personal Narrative/Essay

1st  Katie Chan  “Conquering Hemlock”  Windemere Ranch   Teacher:  Randy Hart

2nd  Augustine Chemparathy  “Nothing Matters but the Message”  Gale Ranch  Teacher:  Pamela George

3rd  Alanna Keohane  “Don’t Look Down”   Windrush   Teacher:  Kai Marks

Summer Writing Camps/Workshops for Kids

April 12, 2011
Summer Writing Camps/Workshops for Kids 
Bay Area Writing Project     Grades 4 – 9   Located in Berkeley &  San Francisco
College for Kids     Pleasant Hill & San Ramon
Pleasant Hill Recreation Department     Elementary & Middle School
Contra Costa Libraries          Occasional Morning or Afternoon Writing Workshops  
Elementary Through High School        
Iowa Young Writers’ Studio 
High School Students who have completed their sophomore year (or older)

California Writers Club Young Writers Contest – Winners

April 11, 2011

Congratulations!   This just in:  

6th Grade Short Story

1st   Lauren Hui    “The Many Names of Shakura”   Gale Ranch   Teacher:  Sara Faidley

2nd   Molli Fagan  “The Link Between Us”   Queen of All Saints  Teacher:  Katie Perata

3rd  Lucy Murov  “Nola”      Pleasant Hill Middle   Teacher:  Lynn Buckingham 

I will update you when the other categories are finished.  Congratulations to these winners!  There are several honorable mentions but I’m only posting the top three places due to my time constraints.

Do Your Words Have Power?

April 9, 2011

Writer’s Prompt: 

How can you use your words for power in a good way?    Some people use writing to help charities.  Others do random acts of kindness.  Writers everywhere spread their beauty and art for all to enjoy. 

What will you do?

Write your way to find out.

Watch this:

California Writers Club Young Writers Contest

April 6, 2011

We are having fun.   The judging has begun!

Calling All Artists! Use Your Imagination to Win!

April 6, 2011

Can you draw a portrait of a person using only ten lines?  Or describe the view from an imaginary window?  Create Your Own Masterpiece by May 13, 2011 and five winners will have their art displayed at two MoMA stores (Museum of Modern Art) in New York and will be featured on the Chronicle Books website.  They will also receive prizes including a one-year MoMA family membership, a deluxe set of art materials, and the entire collection of MoMA Modern Kids products!

(Every contest is good experience, helps build your portfolio and is lots of fun!)

Entries must be postmarked by May 13, 2011.  To read the contest rules, visit

Script Frenzy!

April 6, 2011

Great writing site for kids interested in writing and/or screenwriting!

Poetry Workshops for Kids

April 6, 2011
Celebrate Poetry at the Storyteller Bookstore with our April Wordplay Creative Writing Workshops!



April 9:   

Smiling Cats: Playing with Personification

April 16:   

Waterfall of Words:  Using Sound in Poems

April 30:   

Picture Pieces:  Art and Imagery  

Just a few spots left! 



To fill out a registration form (or if you have any questions), email or come down to the Storyteller. 




Sessions are $25 each— or sign-up for all three and pay $65Sessions include:  

notebook, light snack, multiple writing activities and a chance to publish in our literary journal, Word Waves

Writers ages 8-10 meet from 4-5 p.m.   Writers 11 and up meet from 5:15-6:15 p.m.


California Writers Club Young Writers Contest

April 5, 2011
This question came from one of the students who entered our contest:
I was just wondering when the young writers contest will be announced.   Will they be announced by phone,  e-mail, or mail and how many contestants are there.  Thank you so much! 
Winners will be called.  I post them as soon as the judges get them to me right here on this  blog. 
At the moment I don’t have any numbers of how many entries there are for you, because we are still getting April 1 postmarked entries into our post box so I’m still sorting! 
Once the April 1 postmark disappears, then I deliver them to the judges.  (Hopefully soon!) 
The judges read them, but keep in mind they all have jobs and lives of their own so this takes time. 
When the judges results trickle in, I place phone calls to the winners and type the winners on this page as soon as I know them. 
I also judge a couple of categories and break ties when necessary. 
Eventually EVERYONE hears from us by mail, but that may take a couple of months.