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From Beyond the Grave – Or – A Valentine’s Coincidence?

February 18, 2010

On Valentine’s Day my husband was rummaging around in his messy office when he came across something he had never seen before; a valentine from his father to his mother from early in their marriage.

Since his mother has passed over a year ago, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen this particular item before. Ever. And here, on this particular day, it dropped into his lap. Literally.

“What a weird coincidence,” he said to me.

“Isn’t the universe wonderful?”  I said. 

Writing Prompt:

1. Do you believe the universe speaks to you in an usual ways? Or do you believe in literal occurrences? Write about your thoughts.

2. Have any funny coincidences ever happened to you? Write a personal narrative about one of them.

3. Create a short story about a coincidence that changes someone’s life completely.

Coincidences in Your Life

December 18, 2009

A few weeks ago I dreamed my dad visited me while I was asleep in bed.  I opened my eyes but before I could say a word, he crept out, not wanting to awake me.  He wore his old work jacket and Wisconsin winter cap which I hadn’t seen it in years.  It reminded me of  times when we shoveled snow together, built snow forts, or went tobagonning.

Then I awoke from this dream.  It was just a brief moment of Dad, but it brought his smile, his warmth, and his thoughtfulness. 

First thing on my schedule that morning was a dentist appointment.  As I sat in the reclining chair, the first strains of Christmas music filled the room.  Tears filled my eyes.  With Dad, Christmas was his favorite thing next to church!  As a youth Dad would ask me to play Christmas music on the piano, or they’d be heard all through the house from the record player or radio.

In his later years, he had us set his transistor on KOIT, the station that played nonstop Christmas carols from December 1 – 25.  He listened to it constantly.   If the knob got bumped, we’d get a call to come over and “fix his broken radio.”  Bob or I would become an immediate hero when we did. 

So there I sat in the dentist’s office, the first time I heard a Christmas carol without my dad by my side.  Tears were in my eyes. Maryanne, the hygenist, saw me and patted my arm.  “Just want to let you know that I thought of you and your dad on All Soul’s Day.  I said a special prayer for him,” she said. 

That did it.  We hugged and I shared my recent dream with her.  

The song lyrics at that moment?  

” . . . I’ll see you in my dreams.”

Writing Prompt:  1. When have coincidences occurred in your life?  Write about a special one that holds meaning for you.

2.  Keep a journal of these interesting moments of serendipity. 

3.  Keep a dream journal.  Try to figure out what symbols that reoccurr in your dreams can represent in your life.  If you have dreams that happen again and again, your inner self is trying to give you a message.

The Owls in My Life – – The Universe Speaks

October 7, 2009

Many years ago, my mother gave me a stuffed owl for Christmas. He is perched on my bookshelf in the living room. She knew how much I loved Jane Yolen’s Owl Moon. Soon afterwards, I found a tiny stuffed owl for her.

At that point, we began noticing them everywhere. Although unfortunately I never saw them living, other than in a wild animal museum, I’d see figurines, insignia, stickers, or toy versions here and there.

The live owls in my backyard seemed to know when I’d need comfort, for they’d choose those nights to hoot a personal greeting to me. Like the day my mother passed away.

Last week my walking friend and neighbor, Hilde, and I discussed this and how sad we were about it.

The next day, a Great Horned Owl sat serenely on a tree stump in the open space behind our houses. His gray and white striped feathers blended in perfectly with his surroundings. He seemed unpreturbed that we stared at him with binoculars and then even my husband’s telescope.


And then it hit me.

“The universe was listening!” I said to Hilde.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“We were just talking yesterday about how we have never seen one in person and now here he has come for us.”

A favor granted; a blessing bestowed. The universe is listening. All you have to do is ask.

Exercise: 1. Are there moments of serendipity in your life? What is your special animal, symbol or blessing you find comfort in receiving? Remember to send it into the universe.
2. Play the Universe Library Game. Go to your library. Close your eyes. Randomly let your hands search for ANY book. Pull it off the shelves and open it to a page and point. What is the universe’s message for you today? Feel free to share here!

Mine: Mary Poppins Comes Back
“And all the time she felt astonished at the way she was behaving. It was as if there was another person inside her – – somebody with a very bad temper and an ugly face — who was making her feel cross.”

*I have to write a scene with some internalized emotion today. AND I felt this way just the other day. Two messages in one.