February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie! The Barbie Doll was invented in 1959 by Ruth Handler and named after Ruth’s daughter. Later Ruth created the Ken doll and named HIM after her son.

Exercise One:
Do you recall your first Barbie doll or beloved toy? What was your favorite play toy? Why? What made it special? Describe it. Describe how you would create a make believe game around it. Who played with you when you were little and had fun with this toy? Did you ever fight over it with anyone? Anything funny ever happen with a toy you had? Do you have any pictures of you and this toy? If so, it might be fun to find a photo and put it with your writing. Or, if you can draw or create a piece of art, do so with your toy or game in mind.

Exercise Two: What is your favorite “toy” today? Do you play basketball? A special video game? Soccer? Scrabble? My “toy” is alive. Sorry to describe her this way, but I play with my dog all the time. See Zoie on my website. http://www.lizbooks.com She is always a source of my writing. If you have a special pet, your pet might be a source for you too.

Exercise Three: Excuses! Yesterday, Feb. 3 I didn’t post a blog. Ykes! I forgot all about it. I can’t say my dog ate my computer either. Life got in the way, and my “normal” writing did. Have you ever forgotten your homework or a deadline or even forgotten to go to work? Come up with the 10 funniest excuses ever! I’d love to see them.


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