Make your OWN Magazine!

Happy Birthday Reader’s Digest! Feb. 5, 1922

Reader’s Digest is so well-known, we even use its name in slang. “Give me the Reader’s Digest version,” tells us to shorten the tale into the most meaningful parts rather than ramble on and on.

Do you have a favorite magazine? Or did you have a favorite magazine from years ago that you remember?

Create a magazine of your own. What will be in your table of contents? What will be your theme? Your title? Will you have fiction and nonfiction, games and puzzles? Art and poems? Perhaps your writer’s group or class can create a magazine together and vote on a theme and title.

Or . . . choose a favorite magazine and read it very carefully. Study it like you would a textbook. How do writers write each piece? Who are the readers? Now come up with an idea for an article or story for this magazine. Research your piece and write it, modeling it after the original magazine. Share it with your writing partner or writer’s group. Then try to sell it to the magazine. Write a cover letter pitching your piece to the managing editor. Good luck!


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