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June 20, 2010

The Sylvia Beach Hotel’s Dr. Seuss room is a delightful mixture of childlike fun, primary colors, and of course, SEUSS!  We stayed next to it in Agatha Christie (larger room facing the ocean) but if I were coming up to this Oregon B&B by myself I’d book this one for writing inspiration.

Above this furry-footed bed is this sign:

There is a lovely desk for illustrators and writers:

And a chair for reading and playing with the stuffed Seuss animals:

Writing Prompt: 
1. Use Dr. Seuss to inspire your writing.  Write rhyme.  Read Dr. Seuss to get you in the mood of course!
2.  You have every writer’s fantasy.  You are allowed a month at a retreat.  You can go anywhere you want to go.  You may bring any reading and writing projects with you.  What will you work on?  What are your writing goals?
3.  What’s stopping you from starting those writing goals NOW?  Remember Anne Lamott’s advice in Bird by Bird.  Just write a little bit at a time.  Don’t look at the huge book, article, paper, or website.  Just try writing a paragraph per day or whatever YOU can manage. 
4.  Give yourself a goal.  Cut back on television, surfing the web, socializing, or all of the above.  Give yourself 20 minutes a day to write ANYTHING. 
5.  Check off the days on the calendar when you stick to your plan.  Pretty soon you’ll develop a writing routine.  THEN you can call yourself a writer!

Literary Vacation

June 8, 2010

We’re back from several days in Oregon.  In Portland my husband allowed me much time in Powell’s Books.  If it were a one-story building, it would equal eight blocks of books!

If you are a  book-lover as I am, you will not be disappointed.  I spent hours browsing used books, reading, and selecting my favorites.  It was great seeing all of the other readers, too, many of them children, focused into books so much that they weren’t aware of their surroundings. 

Yes, some parents and teachers, and writers ARE doing a great job after all!  Keep it up!

Note:  If  you are a parent, make sure you take your child to bookstores and libraries often.  When in doubt allow them books for their library rather than useless stuff. 

Note:  If you are a teacher, “talk up” bookstores and libraries and mention them in your casual speech to show you value them.  You’ll be surprised how much they want to be like you, although they might not ever want to admit it.

Note:  If you are a student, give your parents – – and your friends,  reasons why you need books.  Show them you value them.   They can use your influence too!  Sometimes adults get away from reading and need to be led back to it.

We also visited Newport, on the coast, and stayed at the Sylvia Beach Hotel.  It’s a little bed and breakfast where each room is named and themed for an author. 

We stayed in the Agatha Christie room, where there were clues for her mysteries scattered about.   An old-fashioned typewriter,  English-style prints on the walls, a cozy cat named Dickens (yes, he was real!) and picture windows facing the ocean decorated our place.

My favorite room was the Dr. Seuss room.  Done in bold primary colors, the bed had big furry feet sticking out of the foot-board!  Also in the room stood a lovely artist’s sketch table , a painting of Cat-in-the-Hat on the wall, and stuffed characters from his books.  What fun! 

In the evening, we ate downstairs at their Table of Contents  restaurant. The evening featured family style dining with other people gathered at the tables and a fun game of us telling two truths and one lie, in order for everyone to question each other to discover the REAL truth and lie.  It was a great way to get the conversation going, although at our table, we had no trouble at all. The food was delicious and we had a delightful time, followed by  reading back in our room. 

Although it rained every day but one – – the day of Portland’s famed Rose Parade, which happened right outside our hotel, we still enjoyed our trip. 

Funny about the parade.  We had no knowledge about this at all.  It reminded us of when we visited Belgium a couple of years ago.  Then, too, our hotel was right next to their annual parade.  Theirs was themed for recycling and it had gone on for years and years, before recycling was cool! 

Makes me want to write about parades. . . I have a few from my childhood that give me warm memories. 

What about you? 

Writing Prompt:  1.  Write about a parade in a personal narrative. 

2.  Write about a trip you’ve taken or want to take.   3.  Write about a character in your story who takes a trip.