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A Quirky Sign for Your Life?

July 17, 2010

Took a lovely drive with friends yesterday and discovered this sign in Point Reyes.   Only wish the dog with us would have been underneath it, howling away . . .

Ever seen a sign that made you want to smile?  

Writing Prompt:  1.  Write about how this sign came to be in this small town.  Who lives here?  Develop a few quirky characters and throw them together.  See what happens!

2.  How can this sign, or one you have discovered, be a message for your life?  What is the universe trying to tell you?  Create an essay using an anecdote where you may have “barked” at an unappropriate time.  Or perhaps didn’t bark when you should have?

3.  Place a sign in the story you are writing now for your characters. How does it change your story’s plot?  Your character’s direction?