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Writing Contests for Kids in Contra Costa County, CA

December 15, 2010

Each year, in addition to the California Writers Contest Mt. Diablo Branch’s Young Writers Contest for middle school students in Contra Costa County, there is the Mt. Diablo Peace and Justice Center’s annual Art and Writing Challenge for middle and high school students. 

Theirs will kick off in January 2011.  The topicOften we create divisions between ourselves and others because of race, religion, politics, sexual orientation or even minor things such as dress or mannerisms.  Have you or someone you know ever been subject to verbal abuse or bullying as a result of these or any other differences?  How did you/they handle the situation?  What steps can we take to create an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance of all people? 

In January, they should have their website updated to reflect the 2011 contest.