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You are the boss of your book

October 25, 2011

This weekend I traveled by train to Fresno to sign books at the IBBY Conference at the Arne Nixon Center at CSUF and to visit friends in my old college town. 

On Sunday afternoon I took the train home and sat next to a college gal who was attending school at Stanislaus State.  I was reading a book, but  soon I became aware of a man who stood across from me and next to the stairs.

At first I thought he was talking on a cell phone.  No.  This was no cell phone chatter.

Then I hoped he was standing there in preparation for the next station which was Madera. Unfortunately, when the Madera people got off, he didn’t.

He was facing my seatmate and me and said, “*%#!  I TOLD you two to get off the train NOW. *%#!.”

I glanced and saw he held a green garbage bag but no suitcase. Then I turned to my seatmate who was wide-eyed and scared. “I’ll get the porter, ” I said.

“Good,” she whispered.

I placed my book on my seat.  Fortunately he didn’t sit there, but when I came back he was leaning toward her swearing more.  She exhaled when I sat down.  “Oh thank goodness,” she said. 

A moment later the train guy came (fortunately a big guy) and announced, “Merced is next.” Then he said to the man with problems, “Come with me.”

Both my seatmate and I sighed and relaxed. A few minutes later a kid about 13 or 14 started bouncing around, coming to the stairs and acting weird.  What was this kid on?


The young man turned abruptly and went back to his seat.   Everyone in our area laughed.

Next time I shall wear a super-mom cape that says Don’t Mess with Me.

Writing Prompt: 

Where in your writing project do you really need to take control?  Writers must make decisions.  Be brave.  Take risks.  Go out on a limb.  Tell the truth!  Write your soul out.  You can always pull back later.  But you will be surprised.  After you’ve written the scary stuff, all of your difficult feelings, you may discover that is your richest writing ever.  You are the boss of your book.