Judging the Young Writers Contest of the California Writers Club

If you’ve entered the Young Writers Contest breathe easily now.  We ARE judging the manuscripts as you read this.  Don’t worry.  We read each and every entry several times. 

Now as the judges bicker . . . I mean discuss, communicate, email, phone, claw each other’s eyes out . . . er, trade their first-born children for their favorite first place winner . . .

All jokes aside, you will hear soon.  It just takes time.  It’s just like sending your story, poem or personal narrative to an editor for publication.  There are stacks and stacks and editors are busy. 

The judges all have lives beyond this contest too. 

As soon as the judges decide, I call the winners and post their names here.  Everyone who enters will hear eventually by mail one way or the other.  Honorable mentions are mailed. 


The most difficult aspect to learn in the writing field. 

What should you do in the meantime?

1.  Read, read, read!

2.  Write, write, write!

3.  Watch a good movie and figure out what makes the story work so well.


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