How cold was it?

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” my husband sighs.  “You walked up hill both ways to school in snow drifts higher than you were.” 

Most of his growing up years were in sunny Los Angeles and Arizona so he has nothing to complain about. 

Did I mention when I walked in those snowdrifts, north-western howling winds attacked me, and I had an allergy which made my skin itch in the cold?

Do you hear the violins playing in the background yet?  It’s no wonder my husband rolls his eyes any time we get talk about the weather of our childhoods.  We both love heat, so he can’t pull the “how-hot-was-it” one on me, as the hotter the better for both of us.

Neither of us can understand how our son loves the cold and settled in a shivery area.  Not our genes, surely.  Perhaps it skipped a few generations.

But weather is a part of our lives so ingrained we don’t even realize it.  Sometimes we forget to include it in our writing.  Have you weaved it inside yours? 

Look out the window.   What is the weather like right now? 

Go outside.    Use all of your senses.   How do the elements feel?    Describe them to yourself.

Has the weather play an important part in your life?  Cause you pain, humor, or an unexpected event? 

1.  Use all of your senses to write about a specific type of weather in a poem or paragraph.

2.  Write about a weather memory.   Make sure your reader feels an emotion. 

3.  Watch the You-Tube video of cold-weather to inspire your writing!



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