Peace inside Chaos: Writing throughout Noise

My husband painted a labyrinth on our deck.  Ah.  Now I can wander and gaze into the open space behind us where tall oaks spread their branches, squirrels scamper and birds sing to the deer. 

Just before Halloween, I took my first meditative stroll.  The sun glinted through the colored leaves, its warmth welcomed me along with the fresh scents of fall; I took a deep breath and began.  

Peace.  One with nature. 

Then a mechanical voice screeched, “A HA HA HA HA!  Happy Halloweeeen!”

I’m jolted out of my calm; my pulse races, and heart beats.  I took a deep breath and tried to refocus.  One more step and . . . .

“A HA HA HA HA!  Happy Halloweeeen!”  it shrieked.

I gritted my teeth.  No matter what I WILL obtain peace.   Another step forward and . . .

“A HA HA HA HA!  Happy Halloweeeen!”

Now my head began to pound. 

Okay.  Let’s get this blasted circular obstacle course over with.  I sped up, and got dizzy.  I noticed each time I stepped toward the right half of the deck, the monster repeated its screeching mantra to me. 

The neighbor’s holiday decoration is motion sensitive

At the end, my head twirled from my too-fast circular run/walk and my eardrums pounded as the monster next door continued its rant. 

I guess we have to get along with people who are very different from ourselves, learn to live with interruptions, and write in spite of lifelong distractions. 

In the midst of the chaos of your life, may you carve out moments of peace.  Go inward, no matter what is exploding around you and find that inner core. 

And write. 

Writing Prompts: 

1.  Go to a very busy place such as an airport, a popular hang-out or cafe.  Sit with a notebook or laptop and write no matter what.  Get in a routine of writing throughout noise around you. 

2.  Write about a chaotic time in your life.  How did you grow or change from this experience?

3.  Choose a character who is living through action and chaos but discovers inner peace.


6 Responses to “Peace inside Chaos: Writing throughout Noise”

  1. Joanne Brown Says:

    My entire extended family attended a wedding this weekend. At the reception, the DJ strained to disprove the equation volume = quality. The father-of-the-bride trumped his dance with his daughter, lowering her into a deep backward dip as the thumping, chaotic bass beat drowned out applause. My son’s girlfriend picked that exact moment to whisper in my ear, “My father will have an emotional meltdown when we dance at my wedding.” At least, I hope that’s what she said. Looking forward to my son’s wedding would bring me true inner peace.

  2. lizbooks Says:

    Loved that anecdote! Let’s hear it for inner peace!

  3. Alfred J. Garrotto Says:

    I’ve long been a “spiritual fan” of the classical Chartes-style labyrinth, This form of meditation played a prominent role in my novel, “Circles of Stone,” practically becoming a character in the story.

  4. lizbooks Says:

    I always say I’m a writer, not an editor . . .

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