California Writers Club Young Writers Contest Winners


6th Grade Short Story

1st   Lauren Hui    “The Many Names of Shakura”   Gale Ranch   Teacher:  Sara Faidley

2nd   Molli Fagan  “The Link Between Us”   Queen of All Saints  Teacher:  Katie Perata

3rd  Lucy Murov  “Nola”      Pleasant Hill Middle   Teacher:  Lynn Buckingham 

7th Grade Short Story

1st  Lauren Furman  “The Girl in the Wind”  Stone Valley  Teacher:  Eric Rasche

2nd  Pooja Kini  “Invisibility is not a Super Power”  Gale Ranch  Teacher: Marcy Batza

3rd  Sarah Joo  “Chasing the Wrong Dream”  Diablo Vista  Teacher:  Mark Rathjen

8th Grade Short Story

1st  Piper Mik  “Through the Eyes”  Dorris-Eaton   Teacher:  Brad Breilein

2nd  Shannon Donley  “Escaping Society”  Pine Hollow   Teacher:  Ann Ellgaard

3rd  Brian Yu  “Eleven Years of Memories”  Los Cerros   Teacher:  Nancy Kaplan

6th Grade Poetry

1st  Jack Lamb  “Code Words”  Dorris-Eaton  Teacher:  Mary Dickens

2nd  Elizabeth Juranek    “The Battle of Day and Night”  Dallas Ranch  Teacher:  Kevin Landski

3rd  Christina Albrezzi  “In My Dreams”  Pleasant Hill Middle  Teacher: Nancy Alexander

7th Grade Poetry

1st  Michael Shi  “Lost in the Moment”  Windemere Ranch  Teacher:  Kim Vaiana

2nd  Danielle Siao  “I’m Sorry”  Black Diamond   Teacher:  Pamela Bartlett

3rd  Noah Jacobs  “My Grandparents’ Basement”  Contra Costa Jewish Day School

Teacher:  Erin Bloom

8th Grade Poetry

1st  Rocko Bauman  “JeJune Afternoon”  Prospect Sierra  Teacher:  Rinat Manhoff

2nd  Eric Sirott  “The Realm of the Assassin”  Dorris-Eaton  Teacher:  Brad Breilein

3rd  Michelle Liang  “A Forgotten King”  Foothill   Teacher:  Marilyn Hoffacker

6th Grade Personal Narrative/Essay

1st  Lauren Hui  “One Step Out”  Gale Ranch  Teacher:  Sara Faidley

2nd  Christian Schillinger  “Relevation”  Orinda  Teacher:  Bronwen Horton

3rd  Parinitha Mulaveesala  “Math and Music”  Dallas Ranch  Teacher:  Kevin Landski

7th Grade Personal Narrative/Essay

1st Ryan Chan  “Music from the Heart”  Windemere Ranch   Teacher:  Janet Sanderson

2nd  Connor Sinclair  “Big Mac”   Stone Valley    Teacher:  Eric Rasch

3rd  Samira Maboudian  “A Narrow Escape”   Orinda   Teacher:  Suzy Kisch

8th Grade Personal Narrative/Essay

1st  Katie Chan  “Conquering Hemlock”  Windemere Ranch   Teacher:  Randy Hart

2nd  Augustine Chemparathy  “Nothing Matters but the Message”  Gale Ranch  Teacher:  Pamela George

3rd  Alanna Keohane  “Don’t Look Down”   Windrush   Teacher:  Kai Marks



4 Responses to “California Writers Club Young Writers Contest Winners”

  1. Hannah Lefcourt Says:

    Hi again. Just out of mere curiosity, when will the winners for the 7th grade short story catagory be announced?

  2. Pooja Kini Says:

    Thank You and Congrats to everybody 🙂

  3. Raj Says:

    Congratulations to all kids who participated in the contest. CWC Mt.Diablo is doing a great job encouraging the young authors.

    • lizbooks Says:

      Thank you! We are trying! Everyone who entered will hear from us. The honorable mentions will be mailed. A big thank you to everyone who entered and who supports us by spreading the word about our contest and writing!

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