Calling All Artists! Use Your Imagination to Win!

Can you draw a portrait of a person using only ten lines?  Or describe the view from an imaginary window?  Create Your Own Masterpiece by May 13, 2011 and five winners will have their art displayed at two MoMA stores (Museum of Modern Art) in New York and will be featured on the Chronicle Books website.  They will also receive prizes including a one-year MoMA family membership, a deluxe set of art materials, and the entire collection of MoMA Modern Kids products!

(Every contest is good experience, helps build your portfolio and is lots of fun!)

Entries must be postmarked by May 13, 2011.  To read the contest rules, visit


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2 Responses to “Calling All Artists! Use Your Imagination to Win!”

  1. Nannette Rundle Carroll Says:

    What a great community service this is, Liz. I sent it to my young relatives all over the world.Thanks!

  2. lizbooks Says:

    Thanks! Anytime I find a contest I place it here!

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