California Writers Club Young Writers Contest

This question came from one of the students who entered our contest:
I was just wondering when the young writers contest will be announced.   Will they be announced by phone,  e-mail, or mail and how many contestants are there.  Thank you so much! 
Winners will be called.  I post them as soon as the judges get them to me right here on this  blog. 
At the moment I don’t have any numbers of how many entries there are for you, because we are still getting April 1 postmarked entries into our post box so I’m still sorting! 
Once the April 1 postmark disappears, then I deliver them to the judges.  (Hopefully soon!) 
The judges read them, but keep in mind they all have jobs and lives of their own so this takes time. 
When the judges results trickle in, I place phone calls to the winners and type the winners on this page as soon as I know them. 
I also judge a couple of categories and break ties when necessary. 
Eventually EVERYONE hears from us by mail, but that may take a couple of months. 


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