Your Super Pet Writing Contest

Write an imaginary newspaper article for The Daily Planet about your Super-Pet (or the pet of a friend, relative or neighbor) and how he/she did something extraordinary.

Submit your entry in our online newspaper template below and attach a picture or photograph if available – or print the template, draw a picture and mail your entry to Picture Window Books. The entry should have all the elements related to a newspaper article and will be judged on creativity, content and originality.

First place: The Super-Pet from the winning entry will be drawn by Eisner award-winner Art Baltazar and will appear in a DC Super-Pets book. Winner will receive the original illustration. The winner and his/her school will receive 5 copies each of the book.

Top 50 Entries: Top 50 entrants will receive two free DC Super-Pets books; one for the student and one for the library.

Official Contest Rules


For a list of winners write to Picture Window Books, 7825 Telegraph Road, Bloomington, MN 55438

Contest runs from January 15 – February 28. Winner will be announced April 1st.

For an official entry form visit:



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