Think These Are Hysterical Voice-Overs? Use Them for Creative Motivation!

I laughed out loud at some of these characters.  Take them a step further along.  Choose the fighting giraffes or the silly night-time bird to motivate a story, script or poem. 

What about the little guy who says “Allen?  Allen?  Allen?”  Who is he calling?  Why does he need  him?

The dentist monkey?  What makes this improvisation so funny?  Write about this guy, his patient or both of them.

What if the rapping puffins and the neurotic owl meet?

Try your own version of voice-overs.  Make your own movie and create the sound effects and dialogue. 

Cut out magazine and newspaper photos of people and animals interacting.  Don’t cut out the captions.  Instead, write what they are saying to each other.  The funnier the photos the better!

In 2011, find humor every where you turn.  Humor wins contests and sells stories, books, magazines and newspapers.  But most of all, humor is fun to read and to write.


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