Clothes Make Your Character

Furry Boots in Italy

In the large cities of Italy, high fashion is everywhere.  Women wear lots of leather, fur, (No! Say it isn’t true!) many styles of boots, some past their knees and all the way up on their thighs.  Women wear many scarves doubled and tripled around their necks. 

In the area where I live I’m known as the scarf lady.  (No, not because I eat a lot food fast, although that would be what my husband would say . . .)  I wear scarves to keep my neck warm.  Now I’m attached to them and wear them year-round.

I love people-watching in Italy, especially those well-dressed and high-society women who wear such expensive and fashionable clothes.   Who are they?  What do they do to afford such outfits?  Where do they live?  What do their homes look like if their clothes are so fancy? 

Writing Prompts:

1.  What clothes are hanging in your character’s closet.  What is his/her favorite piece to wear?  Why is it his favorite?  Are their memories associated with it?  Where did he get it?  When does he wear it?  Is there anything quirky/funny about it?

2.  Write a story set in a clothing store.

3.  Write a story where an element of mystery has to do with what someone is wearing.

4.  Write a poem about color, lace, or a specific style of clothes.  Remember to be a specific with your word choice and senses as possible. 

5.  How does clothing enhance a character?  Write a scene where clothing helps show the character’s mood and personality.


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