Music in your writing . . . literally

We are at a lovely little outdoor Italian Cafe.   Plates of pizza, pasta, and fish are on tables around us.   I enjoy my favorite drink – – water with gas.  (Mineral water)   A woman walks by holding a basket with a bottle of wine and a loaf of bread.  Meanwhile, music drifts out of our restaurant. . .


“It’s fun to stay at the YYYYYYMMMMMCCCCCCAAAA.”

My husband looks like he just swallowed his tongue.  I’m sure I have a similar facial expression.  Talk about horrifying.   We’ve traveled miles to get Italian ambiance and we listen to American music from the seventies?  To make it worse, it’s this music?

I shudder.  Too bad I left my ear plugs from the airplane trip in the hotel. 

Writing Prompts:

1.  Write a scene where music is part of the plot.

2.  Write a scene where a hint of music plays in the background.

3.  In the another story you have written, check to see if adding music will enhance the story or a scene in some way.  Have you included enough sound to put your reader inside your scene?

4.  Write about your favorite music through a poem.  Or your least favorite music!


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