Relax and Write

                                       Rough life, but someone’s gotta do it

In the small towns of Croatia, we enjoyed a laid-back atmosphere.  The guides told us that if you lived in the towns, everyone knew your name.  (And everything about you, of course) 

It wasn’t uncommon for people to take long breaks, similar to siestas, but not to sleep.  They take a noon break for a couple of hours to hang out at a cafe for coffee, gelato, or a cool drink to chat and watch people go by. 

Around 4:00 in the afternoon, they go back for another cafe or quiet time. 

Writing Prompt:

1.  When, in your life, were you the most relaxed ever?  Write about this experience.  How did it feel?  Where were you?  What happened?  What did you do? 

2.   Have you ever been in a situation where everyone knows your name and everything about you?  Ever lived in a small town?  What are the advantages?  Disadvantages?

3.  Write a story where the character is living in a very small town and deals with this type of atmosphere.  Does he or she have a secret she is trying to keep from someone?  This would be hard to do in a small town. 

4.  Write a scene showing people being at ease.  Next, write a scene showing the same people being rushed or very excited and wired. 

5.  Writers need to remember to find time to relax.  This is when we get our best creative ideas and moments.  Make time in your busy life, even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day.  Schedule in at some time so you can reflect and have time to daydream about your creative ideas!


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