Croatia, Italy and the USA

I’ve just arrived home from a trip to Croatia and Italy.  I’ve wanted to go to Croatia since I’ve been a little girl.  Why that country?  My mother’s parents came from Zagreb in 1901 and I know very little about their world or them, both having passed on before I came along. 

Croatia is an interesting mixture of ancient and new.  We began in the northern city of Zagreb and proceeded south where it became warmer.   In the north the language reminded me very much of Russian, and the more south we traveled it felt as though there was an Italian dialect mixed in to their communication as well as the foods. 

We’ve never eaten better fish anywhere.  In Opatija, we sat down at a restaurant and asked what they were known for in their area.  The waiter brought out a platter with a large fish, complete with an interesting head and eyes.  My husband blanched.  I stifled a laugh. 

“Let’s go for it,” I said.  After all, I never met a seafood I never liked.

Our big mistake was forgetting to take a picture of our dinner before it was grilled.  It came later and it was flakey and delicious.  No bones – – only the main one down its back I guess. 

It was a memorable meal.  And since we forgot to take a photo, I found one online for you to see.

Writing Prompts:

1.  Which place in the world would you like to visit?  Read about this place and plan your itinerary. 

2.  Find a map and discover the places I mentioned in my blog.  Research and do a nonfiction piece about the area.

3.  Write about a trip you’ve taken that has left wonderful . . . or not so wonderful impressions upon you. 

4.  Create a short story set in an area that is not a place you are familiar with.  You must read about this place in order to learn about the setting. 

5.  Write a poem inspired by a trip you have taken.  It could be a trip a town away from your home! 

6.  Have you ever gone a long time without sleep?  How did you deal with it?  Write about it in an amusing way.  You can use exaggeration to make it more funny!

7.  Write about the most interesting or different food you have ever eaten.  What was it?  What did it look like?  Taste like?


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