Ever met a celebrity?

A friend of mine just got back from England where she met Prince Charles. 


She and her husband were touring the gardens of Buckingham Palace and there was some show going on.  He was in the midst of  a crowd,  smack dab in front of them,  along with Camilla, where they chatted with my friends about mulching and plants and tulips and what-not. 

Although I’ve seen a few Hollywood actors on sets and in streets (their names escape me so unfortunately I can’t impress you with name-dropping here) I haven’t been stunned by anyone truly in the upper echelon of famous-ousity.   

Oh wait.  One name-drop.  Sorry.  I took my son to see Clinton before he was president so my son could shake his hand.  We were in a crowd of twenty so it was lovely indeed.  And he was personable and pleasant and of course I handed my camera to someone else to take pictures and never thought to ask for him to take a picture of the three of us . . .

But other than that, my life has been celebrity free.

What about yours?  Do you know a hairdresser’s son’s cousin who’s the brother of Lindsay Lohan?  Poor girl.  Sorry about the unfortunate choice.  I was trying to be contemporary and that’s all I could come up with at the moment. 

Writing Prompt:

1.  Write a personal narrative.  You can have dinner with anyone famous in history or the present time.  Who would you choose?  What do you ask?  What happens?  (My choice?  Dorothy Parker, Abigail Adams, everyone’s choice which is Eleanor Roosevelt and Dr. Seuss for starters . . .)

2.  Change your personal narrative into a poem.  Choose concrete images and metaphors.  Remember a poem isn’t just prose set in stanzas.

3.  Zap yourself into Hollywood.  Write a short story with you as a character.


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