You are a writer if . . .

This summer I was deep in the middle of writing a middle grade novel, working on a picture book, and another one clamored for me to write it . . .

I felt guilty.  Which one to write first?  So I made a dream intention before going to sleep one night.

“What book SHOULD I be working on now?”  I asked the universe.

The universe answered immediately.   A young man appeared in my dream and told me the title of the book.  It blew me away.  Not any one that I had on my list to start with.  It’s an adult book, one that I never would have conceived of writing. 

Our subconscious is good.   Because as I research and work on this book, my pulse pounds.  I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I’m enjoying the process.  This is what writing is about. 

And then yesterday I had one of the many epiphanies come about during the writing process.  I discovered the man who identified himself to me in the dream, with a quote that tied him into my subject.    Yes.  He was a real person. 

Ah ha. 

1.  You are a writer if moments of serendipity like this happen to you.  You know you are on the right trail.  It feels right.  It is being confirmed by the universe. 

2.  You are a writer if at times you suddenly shun the social scene.

Hey, I love parties and going to lunch as much as the next person.  Growing up an only child,  I craved people my own age. (I hung out with a lot of older adults, as my parents took me with them EVERYWHERE).  Now I crave people of ANY age. 

But now when I’m deeply into a project, I want to write all the time.   So when invitations come for barbecues and the like, instead looking forward to them, sometimes I’d rather stay home.   (Yes, I know this is not normal.  Who ever said writers were normal?) 

Yes.  There’s a barbecue this weekend and it’s not at night.  Which means I’d rather be writing. 

So at this barbecue, my mind just might wander.  I may find myself gazing into a potted plant.   It’s not because of the lack of fascinating conversation.  No.  It will be ME.  I will  have the personality of the potted plant. 

3.  You are a writer if you daydream about your writing at the strangest moments.

4.  You are a writer if you accidentally are rude to people as you daydream about your writing.

 5.  You are a writer if you would rather be reading or writing than twittering, clubbing, texting or knitting. 

You are a writer if you shorten this list to five rather than 10 so you can get back to work. 



2 Responses to “You are a writer if . . .”

  1. B. Lynn Goodwin Says:

    Thanks so much for confirming that I am, indeed, a writer. I love your approach. Great site.

    Author of You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers

  2. lizbooks Says:

    Thanks Lynn!

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