How to Annoy an Editor

Ever pick up a book because of the fabulous title?  I found the book,

HOW TO BECOME A FAMOUS WRITER BEFORE YOU’RE DEAD by Ariel Gore (2007 Three Rivers/Random House) I couldn’t resist.

 I came across the section,  How to Piss of an Editor

 Here’s what she says:  Cover letters often get lost, and I’ve still got a great story sitting here next to my desk with no clue as to who wrote it, so include your contact info, but don’t include the little copyright symbol.  It says to an editor:  “I think this story is so good and I think you’re so evil that you’re going to steal it from me and not give me the million bucks it’s worth.”    And that’s not a very nice how-do-you-do, is it?  If you’re paranoid that some editor is going to steal your story, that’s fine, but be privately paranoid.  you can stick a copy of your story in a manila envelope, mail it to yourself, and leave it unopened.  If you’re more paranoid still, send a copy to the Library of Congress.  But leave the little copyright symbol off your submission. 
This is excellent advice.  Every time I see that little @ sign after an author’s name I recall editors at conferences saying they think amateur
Don’t miss Ariel Gore’s book.  She has chapters called Giving Yourself a Lit Star Makeover, Master Your Craft, Publish Before You’re Ready, Play with the Big Dogs, and Become a Brazen Self-Promoter.
Learn and enjoy!

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