Of Piercings and Bumper Stickers

The other day at the gas station, the middle-aged man filling up ahead of me had earrings hanging from every available space on both  ear lobes.  When he returned the nozzle with a click, I could see silver bling glittering from his eyebrows and nose too.   His clothes were unremarkable.  Polo shirt and shorts. 

As he got into his compact car, I glanced at his bumper stickers.  LISTEN TO CATHOLIC RADIO,  followed by call letters.  Another religious sticker emblazoned the other side of his bumper. 

 Writing Prompts:

1.  How is the character you are writing about NOT a stereotype? Write a scene showing one side of your character and follow it up with something unusual or quirky. 

2.  Look for possible stereotypes within your manuscripts.  How can you change this?


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