What I Saw in Santa Cruz: How Your Characters Handle Responsibility and Guilt

. . .  So before our favorite used bookstore opened in Santa Cruz last Sunday, we sat in our car and waited.   Off in the distance, a woman walked her spaniel on a leash.  The dog sniffed and then squatted.  The woman looked away and pretended not to notice.   When the dog finished with his messy business, she glanced his way and then they both trotted on. 

Responsibility.  How do the characters you write about deal with it?  Do they care about others?  Do they only care about themselves?  What would they have done had they been the woman?  Had they seen the woman? 

What I was going to do was get out of the car and yell, “Would you like a paper towel?” 

But my husband said, “It won’t do any good Liz.”   I let this statement stop me.

What does your character do in this situation?  Does she have guilt like I do over this?  Does your character let this go or does she hold on to her guilt?  What if she did do something and the woman reacted in a negative manner?  Create a complete scene with this in mind. 

Or write a scene about a character and how she or he deals with responsibility and guilt in the story you are creating.  Have an action and a reaction.  Remember to slow-down-the-moment for your character’s thoughts and feelings.


2 Responses to “What I Saw in Santa Cruz: How Your Characters Handle Responsibility and Guilt”

  1. Pam in Utah Says:

    We’re in agreement on this one. If ever I forget to take a plastic bag with me, I return to the spot within the day to retrieve what was erroneously left behind! But most often, I have one and pick it up on the spot! Hey Liz–I love your work!!!

    • lizbooks Says:

      Thanks Pam! I wish more people would do what you do. (love my work – – no, just kidding – – take care of their dogs) Responsibile dog owners unite! (and dog lovers too )

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