10 Top Reasons Why It’s Great to be a Writer

1.  You love being in that “special place” where weird characters talk to you and no one in white straight-jackets lock you away.

2.  You have the freedom to set your own work hours.  If your most creative time is 3 a.m., who cares?  Go for it!

3.   Where else can you wear your old blue bathrobe with your fuzzy bedroom slippers?

4.   Your supervisor is an eleven-pound Yorkshire Terrier who encourages snack breaks.

5.  Your supervisor interrupts your work for exercise breaks.

6.  You get a free pass on outdated clothing choices, funky hair styles, and childlike behavior because “your are a writer.”  (And you can wander around the neighborhood in your old blue bathrobe and fuzzy bedroom slippers with your Yorkie . . .)

7.  Your need research  which requires much time spent wandering around in used bookstores and libraries.   (Which writer doesn’t love those?)

8.  There is a possible story waiting everywhere you go, all around you.  There’s never a dull moment as long as your eyes are open to the many stories around you.

9.   Got  teacher meaner than the bad witch of the north?  A friend who sold you out to the mob?  Kill  ’em.  Go ahead.  Do it in your novel!  Or if you don’t want to kill them, at least make them apologize to you. 

10.  Because you can’t not write.  Nothing makes you feel better.  And at the end of the day, you can’t wait to go to work tomorrow.



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