As the Parade Passes By


July 4th Parade - Martinez Library Float

The Bookworm

Doreen Cronin’s Diary of a Worm provided inspiration for Martinez, California’s Friends of the Library contribution to the town’s fourth of July parade.   

Writing prompts:  

1.  Write about your story’s character in a parade.   How is your character involved?  How will he or she contribute, enhance, or prevent success with the parade?  

2.  What is the best parade memory you have?  Give us a moment in time, complete with the weather, specific senses, your feelings, and dialogue of the time.    

3.  Create a poem with a bookworm, parade or the fourth of July theme. 

4.  Write a personal experience narrative about the fourth of July.  Why is this particular one memorable for you? 

5.  What book as a child gave you good memories or started you in a new direction?  Opened the door to more books?  Created a love affair with reading?  Gave you an epiphany?  Write about this book and how it affected you.


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