Change me, change and you, loose change and character change

There’s a lot of change in my life recently.  There’s change in our house with the current remodel.  (mess! clutter! glue stink!  Me sleeping in the living room to get away from stink!)  There’s a job change (not mine) and my dog, Zoie, dealing with not-enough-deck-time-due-to-workers. 

All of this has led to sleep disturbances,  unusual dreams, a writing block or two and a bit more growling.  Even from Zoie. 

Writing Prompts:

1. How does change affect you?  Write about a major or a minor change in your life.  What happened?  How did you and others around you react?  Were there both positive and negative occurrences from this change?  Describe your thoughts and feelings at this time.  Slow-down-the-moment and make us feel like we were really there when it happened.  Include dialogue and action when you can.

2. What about your characters in fiction?  Remember the main character needs to change within the structure of a story.   What type of change does your protagonist go through?  What are the stages of this change?  What propels the changes?  What kind of a person is she before the book begins?  After? 

3.  How does your character deal with upsetting changes?  Write a scene as an example.

4.  Your character finds a dime in the street.  She believes it is good luck.  What happens next? 

5.  Your character finds a penny in the street.  A spirit is sending her a message from heaven.  What happens next?


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