Clutter Busters!

Contractors have torn out our master bathroom, leaving dust from missing  wall board in their wake.  In anticipation, I removed everything but the furniture from our bedroom and retreat area and stuck it willy-nilly in our two offices. 

Next, we learned a plumber will come tomorrow. He needs to work under our house,  which meant I had to move books and misc. junk (where else does one put birthday wrapping paper anyway?) that covered this crawl space.

And then there’s the mountain of “stuff” from our master bath crammed into a tiny bathroom . . . and cleaning supplies overflowing into the hallway.  Sigh. 

Can you work with clutter overtaking your space?  The dog has wedged herself in between a laundry basket and the bathroom scale in the hall, so she can gaze through the dog gate at workers moving in and out through the deck door.  After all, she IS the supervisor on this project.

I asked a few writing friends what clutter buster techniques they employed for their home offices.  Here are their suggestions:

I use a piling rather than a filing system. Closing the office door seems to work too.  Lee
My clutter rule: nothing flat on the desk! All files standing up, some
held by bookends, but no place to keep piling things on top of each
other. My walls, however, are fair game for anything!


Whenever possible, I keep stuff in e-format. Not that I’ve solved my clutter problem entirely, but at least it keeps it down to a dull roar!


Me:  Right now, I think my solution is to go over to Camille or Aline’s house.  

For more clutter buster suggestions, my friend Ann has shared this site:


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