Clutter Keeper?

Who among us doesn’t have clutter?  As writers, paper and book clutter can overtake our writing spaces if we’re not careful.  If you are at all sentimental, love family history, or have other passions, clutter control may take serious and professional clutter buster help.

 After our son graduated from college, we finally clutter-busted our home,  tossed the sagging couch in the living room, and created offices out of bedrooms.  

When Tofer (short for Christopher) walked in our front door, we proudly showed him our new furniture.    We had moved my “slouchy” chair into the family room, and its accompany stack of books.

Tofer stood in silence for a moment, soaking in the new ambience.  We proudly observed our new clutter-free space.  The new white couch, blue carpeting, and piano (music safely tucked away) shone with empty space around them.

“Eeew.  This is gross,” said Tofer.  “It looks too clean and empty in here.  Too white.  It looks like it doesn’t belong to us!” 

Next, he made his way into the kitchen and family room.  There we had left our magazines, stacks of books, slouchy chair and dog toys scattered about. 

“Ah,” he said.  “This is more like it.   THIS is home.”  He threw down his backpack and  duffel bag and jumped onto the couch.  Kicking off his shoes, they landed in the pile of dog toys. 

He was right.  This is how we lived. 

For a look into my office, visit author Jennifer Bertman’s Blog.



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