About Writer’s Block & Procrastination

On Saturday at our local writer’s club, author Sophie Littlefield (A BAD DAY FOR SORRY, A BAD DAY FOR PRETTY) spoke to us about actually getting down to writing.  What holds you back?  Do you procrastinate? 

Actually, we don’t know any writer who DOESN’T procrastinate . . .

If you’re confident, it’s easy.  You won’t procrastinate.   Fear makes us put off the hard stuff. 

Sophie suggests giving ourselves concrete goals.  Write ____ words a day.  Read _____ words a day.  Sit there 45 minutes and write.  Even if you can’t write, STILL sit there for 45 minutes!  Then you can take 15 minutes off. 

What are your best tips for making yourself do what Jane Yolen calls BIC?  (Butt in chair) 

A few things that have worked for me: 

1. Turn on answering machine

2.  Turn off Internet.

3.  Reward yourself after completing a chapter or a goal in your writing.  (Okay.  Yes.  I admit it.  Sometimes it’s chocolate for me.)

4.  If I’m blocked, it always helps to read a little first.  It may be something inspirational. 

5.  If you are spiritual, say a prayer or meditate.  Or daydream a bit.  The trick is to relax and go with the flow and LET GO. 

I’d go on with this list, but I think I’ll do it later . . .


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