Art or a Photo Inspires Writing

Open a book of art or photography, a newspaper or magazine.  Which painting or photo do you see?  Let it inspire a poem, short story or allow it to remind you of a memory in your life.

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4 Responses to “Art or a Photo Inspires Writing”

  1. gina hernandez Says:

    hi Liz,

    Do you remember me? I am from glenmoor in Mrs. Lairds class. I wanted to know what book you are writing next? Please reply and i will get back to you soon!

    • lizbooks Says:

      Hi Gina! Thank you for writing! I’m writing a novel with a ghost in it. It’s a lot of fun. What are you reading? I hope YOU are writing too!

  2. Susan Taylor Brown Says:

    I love writing prompts from photos and pictures. It always amazes me how a room full of people can look at the same picture and get so many different stories.

  3. lizbooks Says:

    Good point Susan! Kind of like those ink blot pictures. When I took writing classes I loved writing on pictures because I could go anywhere. Thanks for commenting! Liz

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