Today’s Writing Idea

Open up a book of quotations to any page.  What’s the first quote you see?  How can it inspire a piece of writing? 

If you don’t have a quote book, you can borrow mine.  I opened up The Quotable Mark Twain edited by R. Kent Rasmussen and discovered this by Twain: 

“The porpoise is the kitten of the sea; he never has a serious thought, he cares for nothing but fun and play.”

1. Write a children’s story about a porpoise. 

2. Write a story about a character with the traits of a porpoise. 

3. Create a poem with either of these ideas in mind.  

4.  Take a day off and become the porpoise!  What will you do?  After your day of fun, create a piece of art that reflects your feelings and sense of fun.

5.  Read stories by Twain and let his style influence your writing.


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