California Young Writers Contest Banquet

This past Saturday we honored all of the first, second and third place winners of the California Writers Club Mt. Diablo Branch’s Young Writers Contest at a banquet in Pleasant Hill.   A one-time award of Best of the Best was given to Gabriel Ostler for his short story, The Thin Line.

Meeting all of these talented kids and their families and teachers was exciting and inspiring!  After I read portions of all of their writing aloud, many members of our writing club approached me later to express their amazement at the high quality of writing. 

“Wow!  These students are so sophisticated!” said one author.  “I never wrote like that as a child.”

“Can you imagine how good they will be as adults?” said another.

I echo their sentiments.  As they grow older, if they keep writing and honing their craft and read everything they can, the new generation of California writers will be even more amazing.  We will be entertained and educated by these gems.  We look forward to your future publications. 

Congratulations winners!

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