California Writers Club Young Writers Contest Banquet

Pop Quiz

1.  Where were there 155 people gathered together to celebrate young writers?

2.  Which young writer won the BEST OF THE BEST award, which was a secret until it was announced?

3.  Which story did Chronicle Books Editor Melissa Manlove share with the group?

4.  How many kids won prizes for the quiz based on the students’ winning work?

5.   What secret tip did Liz reveal about three entries of the contest that were postmarked April 12th?


1.  Zio Fraedo’s Restaurant in Pleasant Hill

2.  Gabriel Ostler won for his short story, The Thin Line.

3.   WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE by Maurice Sendak

4.  Three students all one first place in the quiz. 

5.   Three entries were delivered to the California Writers Club Young Writers Contest weeks after the April 12th deadline.  The contest had already been judged by this time.  Each entry was stamped April 12th by the post office.  Moral of the story?  Next year, make sure and send in your entries WEEKS EARLY!



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