California Writers Club Young Writers Contest

If you entered our contest but your name isn’t up here, you may have won an honorable mention.  Everyone will hear from us within the next month.  And if you didn’t win, it just means that at this moment in time, the judges chose another piece other than yours.  That is ALL that it means. 

All published authors have entered their manuscripts into contests or tried to get their books published and their manuscripts have not been chosen at one time or another.  What do they do?  They try again.  They keep writing. 

Some students who entered this year and won, have entered this contest in previous years and came close to winning, but didn’t carry away a prize.  However, they kept writing and entering, and now they’ve succeeded. 

If you are a sixth or seventh grade student, please enter again.  You may start writing your next year’s entries now!  If you are an 8th grade student, there are other contests you can enter.  I post them here on this blog when I find them.  And you 6th and 7th graders, keep entering other contests too.

You can ask for advice on how to make your stories, essays and poems  better.  Write your questions here.  Attend writing workshops to help you.  Ask your teacher for advice.  Start a writing critique group with your friends.  Each of these ways will help improve you writing craft. 

College teachers tell me that the most sought-after students are the ONES WHO ARE GOOD WRITERS.  Believe it or not, this is the skill that many kids lack.    Employers also are thrilled when their employees can write.   (Many adults really can’t write well, even if they are wizards in math, science or other subjects.) 

So congratulations to everyone who has participated in this contest.  Writing itself is a risk.  You put your soul on paper!  And it’s not easy, either, is it?  Thanks for entering.  Hope to see you at a workshop, our banquet, or another reading or writing event.  And hope to see you here, asking questions and giving advice about good books you read.    Liz


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