California Writers Club Mt. Diablo, Young Writers Contest

Congratulations to all!

2010 Young Writers Contest  Winners  

6th Grade Poetry

1st  Amelia Harrison   “At Night”

Charlotte Wood:  Jamelle Angelelo

 2nd  Priya Canzius   “I am from . . .”

Athenian:  Chris McCulloch

 3rd  Maximilian Jennings   “Firelight”

Athenian:  Meg Freedman

 7th Grade Poetry

1st   Gita Mallya    “Writing Blocks”

 WCI:  Linda Linton

 2nd  Melissa Rivera    “Morning Bird”

Sequoia: Susan Sutherland

 3rd  Piper Mik    “The Ocean”  

Dorris-Eaton:  Terry Salteil

 8th Grade Poetry

1st Carissa Yen   “Pen”

Iron Horse:  Lynette Gonzales

2nd  Sejal Jain    “Dancer”

Gale Ranch:  Deborah Bernard

 3rd  Caitlin Kloess    “Bandstand”

Windrush:  Kai Marks

6th Grade Short Story

1st  Michaela Peterson   “The Winter of the Snow Fairies”

Sequoia Middle: Jane Enloe

 2nd Belle Goodson     “1906”

Pine Valley:  Robin White

 3rd   Mikaela Magwili   “The Dream to Dance”

Queen of All Saints:  Katie Perata

7th Grade Short Story

1st  Sarah Sweeney   “Death Song”

Joaquin Moraga:  Patti Forster

 2nd  Zhill Olonan  “Stranded”

Adams:  Mrs. Griggs

3rd  Andrea Ouyang   “Escape!”

Iron Horse:  Cheryl Keller

 8th Grade Short Story

1st  Gabriel Ostler   “The Thin Line”

OI:  Barbara Gunderson

 2nd Sean Lee  “The Soul Within”

Windemere Ranch:  Jennifer Sabri

3rd Katherine Alfaro  “Fallen Doves & Crumpled Letters”

Dorris-Eaton: Deenie Schoenfeld

6th Grade Essay

1st Gabriella Respicio    “The Tsunami”

St. Patrick: Karen Francis

 2nd Sarah Joo  “Now I Miss Her”

Diablo Vista:  Bonnie Meyers

 3rd   Jenna Grigsby   “A Helping Hand “

Pine Hollow: Leeat Medina

7th Grade Essay

1st Isadora Palmer-Collins Stern      “Intertwined “

Orinda I:  Ceci Kilmartin

 2nd  Bianca Palmer-Collins Stern       “Riptide”

OI:  Ceci Kilmartin

3rd Vanessa Tang     “Vertical Velosity, V2”

Dorris-Eaton: Terry Saltiel

8th Grade Essay

1st   Varun Iyengar   “Medusa”

Windemere Ranch:  Robert Loney

2nd Tiffany S. Zheng    “The Athlete’s Dream”

Dorris-Eaton:  Deeni Shoenfeld

 3rd  Barbara Montano  “Nothing Was the Same”

St. Jerome:  Margo Watson


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