Story Writing Tips

What makes a reader turn the page?  What makes an editor want to publish YOUR book?  What makes a judge choose YOUR story for a winner?

1.  Characters.   Make your reader care.  What does your character want more than anything else in the world?  What will happen if she/he doesn’t get it?  Through the story, raise the stakes. 

2.  Conflict.  What stands in your main character’s way from getting his/her want?  This creates . . .

3.  Suspense.    Read the MOST suspenseful scene you’ve ever read in a book.  Why does it work?  Because you CARE.  Because the main character has obstacles/problems that are dropped in his way.  They can be other characters, himself, nature . . .

4.  A satisfying ending.  Is it realistic?  Does it “feel” right when you read the story aloud?


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