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Happy Birthday Dad!

February 26, 2010

This Sunday would have been my father’s 91st birthday.  His goal during the last several years of his life was to make it to age 90.  He did, with charm, dignity and grace.

He was the most positive person I’ve ever known.  I can’t write this without getting teary-eyed, and he’s been gone from this earth since mid May. 

Before he came out to California,  I didn’t know him as well as my mother.  My father was a quiet man.  So we hadn’t bonded in the way my mother and I had. 

My mother and I had much in common:  books, philosophies, politics, spirituality.  My father and I shared most politics, but his conservative Catholic beliefs and my liberal spirituality did make me feel apart from him. But I didn’t know until he moved out here, that is made no difference to him at all.  He respected and loved me for exactly who I was. 

Not for one moment, did he try to change me.  Not for one moment, did he pass judgement on me or any of my friends. 

And that has taught me about my own failings, as I try to become the person my dad was.  Not in his conservative beliefs, but in his non-judgemental ways. 

He had a delightful sense of humor, too.  Dry and understated.  Once, a friend asked me who I was most like between my parents.  The friend, Dad and I were at lunch.    I said, “Oh, I’m like Mom.  Thank God!” 

Dad roared with laughter.   Thank God.  

After a moment of pure horror, I laughed too.  He absolutely knew what I meant.   He knew I wouldn’t be happy as anything but me.

Art Contest For Grades K – 12

February 26, 2010

Design a Bollywood Movie Poster – Art Contest for Youth Grades K-12

Create a movie poster for a fictional Bollywood movie (NOT a real movie, regardless of when it was released).First Prizes:
One first prize winner will be selected in each of five grade groups: K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12. Each winner will receive:
– A signed hardcover copy of “All About India”, a lavishly illustrated 64 page non-fiction book, when published in Fall 2010.
– Poster published in a gallery on the book’s web page.
One of the five will be selected as the Grand Prize winner.

Grand prize:
In addition to the above, the grand prize winner will receive:
– Winner’s (or other designated child’s) portrait on canvas. See Gallery for sample portraits.
– Possible placement of the poster in a city scene in the book “All About India” (pending the winning entry’s approval by Tuttle Publishing).

Entry rules:
– Artist must currently be attending a public, private or home school in the United States in grades K-12.
– One entry per artist.
– Entry size 8.5″x11″, portrait (vertical), without a mat, frame or border.
– Two dimensional artwork only. Any medium.
– Place movie title on poster OR allow space in design and write title on contest entry form.
– No signature, initials or text other than movie title on the design.
– No violent or adult themes, please.
– Submission deadline is 5pm Pacific Time, March 31, 2010.

Entries will be judged on originality, humor, composition, color use and believability as a Bollywood movie poster. Do a web image search with the keywords Bollywood Movie Posters for inspiration, but copying an existing poster will automatically disqualify your entry.

Preferred: Scan in full color at 300 dpi and email high quality jpeg file, along with contest entry form, to the email address on the form.
Alternate: Mail original or color copy flat (not folded or rolled), along with contest entry form, to the snail mail address on the form. Use a sturdy envelope and mark it Do Not Fold. Must be postmarked by deadline. Entries will not be returned. Not responsible for entries damaged or never received.

Contest Entry Form will be available as a pdf here by March 15, 2010. Get started now so you can create the best poster possible!