Young Writers Contest Guidelines

Reminder to those entering the California Writers Club Mt. Diablo Young Writers Contest.  Follow the guidelines.  We’ve already had a few entries where people haven’t double-spaced their short stories, which disqualifies them from being read. 

Double check what you have sent us.  If you forgot and discovered you sent something where you ONLY double-spaced  your paragraphs and not your sentences, it is fine to send it again the correct way.  You still have time before the deadline!

2 Responses to “Young Writers Contest Guidelines”

  1. Joni Whalin Says:

    Can a short story submission end “to be continued”? One student is writing so much that it cannot be contained in a five page story; we thought maybe he could submit a part of it … to be continued. Any advice?

  2. lizbooks Says:

    Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be able to win. A short story must have a beginning, middle and an end within our page length guidelines. But that student is TERRIFIC to be writing something like that! Can he write something else for us?

    Another possiblity is for him to edit it. A lot of times kids do write a lot but they don’t know how to extract the most important parts of what REALLY needs to be there and they have a lot of “extra” stuff that is nice, but it really doesn’t need to be there for the structure of the story.

    My guess is that he is a good enough writer to come up with another story for us.

    Sorry I don’t have better news for you. Liz

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