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From Beyond the Grave – Or – A Valentine’s Coincidence?

February 18, 2010

On Valentine’s Day my husband was rummaging around in his messy office when he came across something he had never seen before; a valentine from his father to his mother from early in their marriage.

Since his mother has passed over a year ago, he couldn’t believe he hadn’t seen this particular item before. Ever. And here, on this particular day, it dropped into his lap. Literally.

“What a weird coincidence,” he said to me.

“Isn’t the universe wonderful?”  I said. 

Writing Prompt:

1. Do you believe the universe speaks to you in an usual ways? Or do you believe in literal occurrences? Write about your thoughts.

2. Have any funny coincidences ever happened to you? Write a personal narrative about one of them.

3. Create a short story about a coincidence that changes someone’s life completely.