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Step Back in Time

February 15, 2010

Watch a few minutes of the video below.

Jot down a few impressions of what you see of this moment back in time.

Next, write a few paragraphs placing YOU in the middle of this street. Use all of your senses.

Add conflict. What could happen to you that could increase excitement or tension? Write about that moment. Stretch out that moment in time using your feelings, thoughts, and sensory description.

Finally, if you’d like to write a poem, choose only the most vivid experiences in your writing.  Use a highlighter to show your best writing in the paragraphs you wrote.

Can you cut out the “ands, buts, ifs, the” words?  Cut out any adverbs (ly words) and show with a good verb or concrete (specific) noun instead.

Now read your piece out loud. Does it have a natural rhythm and flow? Rewrite and “tinker” with it until it sounds just right for your ear.

Feel free to enter this in our contest or show it to another writer or teacher for their comments.  You may choose to submit it to another place for publication too.