Create a Poem

Step 1.  Choose a subject or something that has helped you experience an emotion.  You should be able to “see” it in your mind. 

2.  Write all the words that pop into your head about this idea.  Be specific.   Remember each sense.  What do you see?  Smell?  Touch?  Hear?

3.  Write a rough draft of your poem.

4.  Do you have any adverbs . . . “ly” words in your poem?  Cut them out.  Replace them with a good verb if you need to strengthen your thoughts.


4 Responses to “Create a Poem”

  1. jingle Says:

    great idea!

  2. jingle Says:

    Hope that u have a happy Valentine yesterday!
    take care.

  3. lizbooks Says:

    Thanks! You too! I have an interesting Valentine’s Day anecdote but perhaps I’ll post it later this week.

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