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Create a Poem

February 12, 2010

Step 1.  Choose a subject or something that has helped you experience an emotion.  You should be able to “see” it in your mind. 

2.  Write all the words that pop into your head about this idea.  Be specific.   Remember each sense.  What do you see?  Smell?  Touch?  Hear?

3.  Write a rough draft of your poem.

4.  Do you have any adverbs . . . “ly” words in your poem?  Cut them out.  Replace them with a good verb if you need to strengthen your thoughts.

A Food Memory

February 12, 2010

Thanks to an online sight that allows people to connect with people from their past, a friend from elementary school and I found each other.  She posted a note about how she remembered us playing together at my house and my mother making the best hamburger she had ever eaten in her life! 

Why do I not recall this moment in my history?  Perhaps because I ate my mother’s great cooking all of the time.  But it’s interesting to note that the sense of taste brought a memory of our time together back to her. 

When in your writing could the sense of taste be used?  (Don’t just stick in the sense of taste – – only if it is appropriate.)  Or perhaps a particular taste is so wonderful or so horrible, it will move you to write a poem about it? 

Right now, the thought of my mother’s cooking, reminds me to add this in my own writing.  And to hit the kitchen for a mid-morning snack!