Writing and Good Books

Thirty-five marvelous middle schoolers attended our Young Writer Workshop at the Concord Library on Saturday.  The talent and enthusiasm generated by those kids energized me all weekend long!  What a fabulous group of kids!  They wrote personal narratives and short stories, we played games, discussed books and writing, and hopefully they will be motivated to enter our Young Writers Contest (guidelines at lower right). 

Several kids and some of their parents requested more workshops.  Keep posted here for more information. 

Need a fun writing prompt/story starter idea today?  Visit this great video!  After seeing this, I wanted to write about these two characters.  http://www.truveo.com/the-orangutan-and-the-hound/id/1234581161

1. You could write a short story from the point of view of the dog, the orangutang, or in third person. 

2.  Perhaps the video will inspire a poem about these animals.  Remember, poems don’t have to rhyme. 

3.  Have you ever known an animal to make friends with another animal in an unusual way?  Write about this experience. 

Feel free to share any ideas or questions you may have here on this blog. 

Great books to read: 

Historical Fiction    Hattie Big Sky   by Kirby Larson

Historical Fiction    Al Capone Shines My Shoes  (second in the series)  Gennifer Choldenko

Mystery                The Big Splash  by Jack Ferraiolo

Mystery                 Paper Towns    by John Green 

Fantasy                 Savvy      by Ingrid Law



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