Holiday Writing Contest, Dog Writing Contest and MORE!

Thank you Judith Marshall, a writer from California Writers Club who told us about a great website call On it, they have a lot of writer’s contests. I couldn’t see any age requirements. Check for the various entry dates and topics for submissions.

(And if you decide not to actually enter, this site may give you ideas for writing prompts too.)

Example topics:
Celebrations Creative Writing Contest
Hot Earners Contest
Long-Term Earners Contest
Professionals Contest
Seasonal Earners Contest
Teachers Without Borders Contest
Title Madness Contest
Wide World of Sports Contest

When I clicked Dogs, these topics appeared:

Autoimmune disease in dogs: Symptoms and treatments
Best breeds of dogs for runners
Best dog breeds for kids
Causes of Addison’s disease in dogs
Causes of skin irritations in dogs
Common dog pregnancy symptoms
Dangers of dogs eating table food
Dog breeds that don’t bark
Easiest breeds of dogs to train
Guide to using homeopathic remedies for dogs
Homemade dog food ingredients to avoid
How a dog gets worms
How to choose the right dog breed for you
How to crate train small dogs
How to train a dog to sit
Kidney failure in dogs: What to expect after the diagnosis
Overview of extra-large dog breeds
Tips for cleaning a dog sprayed by a skunk
What is dog mange?
When is a puppy considered full grown?



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