Need a Writing Exercise?

Writing Exercise: Here are the top ten words of the year followed by the top ten phrases of the year. Your job? Choose one or more and use them in an essay/personal narrative, short story or poem.

Or try and be funny and use them all!

1. Twitter
2. Obama
3. H1N1
4. Stimulus
5. Vampire
6. 2.0
7. Deficit
8. Hadron
9. Healthcare
10. Transparency

Meanwhile, the 10 top phrases were:

1. King of Pop
2. Obama-mania
3. Climate change
4. Swine flu
5. Too large to fail
6. Cloud computing
7. Public option
8. Jai Ho!
9. Mayan calendar
10. God particle

List by Melanie Kramer, AOL



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