Creative Communication’s Essay and Poetry Contests for Kids

STUDENTS can enter this contest. (Teachers don’t HAVE to do it for you.) Grades 3 – 12 in the United States and Canada for essays, grades K – 12 for poetry!

Three different deadlines, so you can be writing all year long!
Oct. 29, 2009
Feb. 17, 2010
July 15, 2010

Poetry: You can enter one poem in each contest. They have three contests a year. They say thousands of dollars in cash and prizes are awarded to students and teachers for each regional contest.

Top ten poems in each grade divison will receive a $50 savings bond, special recognition in a book they will publish and a free copy of the anthology that is created from the contest.

Poems must not be over 21 lines of text. Blank lines between stanzas are not included in the 21 line limit.
Poems must be in English.
Do not type your poem or name and address information in all capitals.
Do not double space your poem.

When entering poems and/or essays, you will need to go to the website.

Essays: One essay in each contest. Three contests a year.
Same prizes as for poetry.
Topic: Each student can write on a topic that they feel is important to them.
Essays must be no longer than 250 words.
Each essay must have an original title.
Students can enter one original essay for each contest deadline.

3 Responses to “Creative Communication’s Essay and Poetry Contests for Kids”

  1. Fatima Says:

    Linda Joy Singleton is holding a contest for Halloween. Here it is:


    THE GHOST STORY WRITING CONTEST for young authors!

    Have you ever seen a ghost? Write a story about your real or imaginary ghost encounter in 400 words or less. Make it exciting, scary, strange – and have fun!

    Submit your entry to:, stating that this is your original writing and that you have permission from your parents/guardian to enter and share your work on these authors’ blogs/web sites. Contest ends on October 31. First place & honorable mention winners will be announced mid-November on

    Include your age, full name, and contact information (email/address). Entrants must be between ages 9 to 16. One entry per person.

    Prize: autographed books! The winner will receive autographed copies of DEAD GIRL WALKING, DEAD GIRL DANCING and DEAD GIRL IN LOVE, by Linda Joy Singleton; HAUNTED: THE GHOST ON THE STAIRS and THE RIVERBOAT PHANTOM, by Chris Eboch; and GHOST HUNTRESS: THE AWAKENING and THE GUIDANCE, by Marley Gibson.

    The winning entry and honorable mentions will also be posted on Linda Joy Singleton’s blog(s) and Chris Eboch’s web site.

    The winners will be selected by Chris Eboch, author of the HAUNTED series; Linda Joy Singleton, author of the DEAD GIRL series; and Marley Gibson, author of the GHOST HUNTRESS series.

  2. Kathy Myers Says:

    I am still trying to get the anthology promised by CC poetic power. I had many students supposedly selected for publishing and some even sent money for the books. I have not heard a word from them and as far as I know I have seen no anthology free for having over 10 students selected for publishing.

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